If You Change Your Mind – eARC Review

Title: If You Change Your Mind
Author: Robby Weber
Series/Number: N/A
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Age: Young Adult
Publication Date: May 3, 2022
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Themes: Summer Romance, MM romance, Collage Discussions, Cheating Mentioned, Best Friends,


In this hilarious and heartfelt debut novel, an aspiring screenwriter learns sometimes love has its own script.
Harry wants nothing more than to write Hollywood screenplays. He knows the first step toward achieving that goal is winning a screenwriting competition that will seal his admission into the college of his dreams, so he’s determined to spend his summer free of distractions—also known as boys—and finish his script. After last year, Harry is certain love only exists in the movies anyway.
But then the cause of his first heartbreak, Grant, returns with a secret that could change everything—not to mention, there’s a new boy in town, Logan, who is so charming and sweet, he’s making Harry question everything he knows about romance. As he tries to keep his emotions in check and stick to his perfect plan for the future, Harry’s about to learn that life doesn’t always follow a script.

Thank you to NetGalley and Inkyard Press for an eARC of this book.

This was really cute! A fun summer romance with lots of self-doubt, confusion about the future, and messy teenagers. This was definitely a story about teenagers who are entering their last year of high school and trying to figure out the rest of their lives. Harry is determined to avoid romance this summer, but of course his plans don’t exactly go as he thought they would.

I thought this was a really fun story about summer time and teenage life. The teens were a bit messy, as most teens are. Things were a bigger deal than they probably needed to be, but I think that’s pretty realistic to teens in general. I also thought it was really realistic and relatable to have Harry and his friends be thinking about college, being unsure about their future, and wanting to also have fun and not think about it at all.

I don’t think there was a lot that made this book something I will go back to over and over again, but I thought it was really fun and I think teens will find it really relatable when the characters are trying to figure themselves out and making choices about romance, school, and friendship.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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