Constitution Check – eARC Review

Title: Constitution Check
Author: Katherine McIntyre
Series/Number: Dungeons and Dating #4
Genre: Romance
Age: Adult
Publication Date: September 20, 2022
Themes: WW Romance, Past Abusive Relationship, Past Death (Off Page), Geeky/Nerdy Characters, Roller Derby, Sports Injury (On Page), One Night Stand to More,


One night was all Kelly promised. One night was all Tabby offered. And yet one night wasn’t nearly enough…

Kelly Hernandez is on the mend. After the loss of her girlfriend to a car accident, everyone expects her to be destroyed. The worst part is—she isn’t, and the guilt plagues her more each day. All she’s looking for is a little distraction, something to take her away from herself, even if it’s only for a spell.

Tabby Reynolds is on the prowl, searching for her flavor of the night. Everyone sees the roller derby stud, not the geeky accountant who secretly wants a relationship. However, when she spots Kelly by her lonesome at the bar, some flirtation turns into one hot as hell encounter in the back alley.

Except Kelly and Tabby run in the same circles, and all too fast, they see each other again and then again, until they both cave to their desires. Casual and easy—that’s what they agree on. However, when Tabby tears her ACL, taking her out of roller derby, the relationship between them starts to deepen beyond what either of them planned. However, the past trauma Kelly’s running from and Tabby’s growing insecurities might cold snap any chance of something real before it can bloom.

Roll the Dice on Romance at Tabletop Tavern…

Thank you to GayRomanceReviews and the author for an eARC of this book.

This was a really sweet sapphic romance and I really enjoyed it. I am someone who love board game cafes and table top games, so a romance with a main character that works at a board game cafe and a nerdy love interest was everything I hoped for.

I loved seeing Kelly and Tabby as they had a random meeting on New Years Eve, and slowly their time together grew into something else. It was heartbreaking to see Kelly’s inner struggle with her friends and family, while navigating her own complicated feelings. I loved how the information about Kelly’s past, and Tabby’s past, was given to us in small pieces as the story went on and as the two of them got closer to each other.

I would definitely read the other books in this series, but it was so sweet to see this found family group together and how they supported and cared for each other. I really, really liked this story and all the ways that the friends and sports teams supported the people they loved and cared for. It was so lovely to see both Kelly and Tabby grow to accept love from the people around them.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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