Incredible Indies – How to Find Them

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Today I’m going to tell you all about how I find indie books and authors! I know that when I first developed an interest in indies it was a bit daunting trying to find them. Googling “list of indie books” didn’t give me the results I was hoping for. So, I really started working hard to find out where to find lists and collections of indie books. It was slow going at first, I didn’t know where to look. So, I figured some of these could be useful to some of you.

Find Blogs/Websites/Accounts that highlight Indie books and authors

This one took me a bit to find but I have found a number of websites, blogs, and accounts that focus a lot on indie books and authors. Not all of them exclusively talk about indies, but they talk about them a lot and have been very helpful.


This is their mission statement: The mission of iReadIndies is to bring visibility, recognition, and support to independent authors who put their own time, effort, and resources into self-publishing quality sapphic literature.

Lucy Turns Pages:

Lucy is a blogger and has a whole page promoting indie authors. She talks about books, personal developement, mental health, and shares her poetry. She promotes books on her social media accounts.

Queer Book Reviews:

Queer Book Reviews is a Facebook group that is for anyone who reads queer books. If you write, read, narrate, or promote LGBTQ+ books, this is the group for you. A lot of times the posts within the group are from authors, typically indie, promoting their newest works. So there are always lots of reccomendations happening.

Queer Indie:

Their explanation of what Queer Indie is “Queer Indie is a writers’ alliance established to promote queer and ally lit. Qi includes the full spectrum of authors across all genres and identities. Our mission is to create a diverse, inclusive, supportive community of radical acceptance. Every book has a home.”

They have a directory, awards, and a list of authors. So this would be a great place to look for recommendations.

Liminal Fiction:

Liminal Fiction defines themselves like this “We’re an inclusive library of spec fic titles (fantasy, sci fi, paranormal and horror).” They have a book search, our filter search. And you can Join their weekly newsletter list, and we’ll give you four free ebooks (and you can sign up for more each month via the newsletter). You’ll be able to add books to your TBR list and “favorite” authors.”

Liminal Fiction has all kinds of reviews, searches, resources for readers and authors, as well as a blog. If you like any spec fic liminal fiction is a great place to find lots of reading options.

Queeromance Ink:

Queeromance Ink is pretty much the same as Liminal Fiction, except this time they focus on Queer romance. They have a newsletter you can sign up to, reviews, a blog, resources for readers and authors, and a searchable library to find all kinds of romance books.

Queer Sci Fi:

The same as Liminal Fiction and Queeromance Ink, Queer Sci Fi is a searchable library for all the queer science fiction you could want. They have a newsletter, reviews, blog, and resources for readers and authors.

If you’re a reviewer join review groups/teams that highlight indie books or from indie authors

If you are someone who reviews books, whether that’s on Amazon, Goodreads, a YouTube channel, a blog, or on Instagram there are a lot of Tour companies and Reviewer resources that can give you access to indie books in exchange for an honest review. These are usually where you sign to a newsletter or mailing list and are offered the opportunity to apply to review certain books in exchange for a review. This isn’t something that everyone would want to commit to but it can be a great way to be exposed to indie authors and support them by reviewing their books.


Gay Romance Reviews is a tour and review company that offers promotion, reviewing, and tour opportnities for authors. As a reviewer you sign up to join and if you are accepted you can request to read and review books by indie authors. Reviews help indie authors a lot, so if you are someone who does review books, this can be a great opportunity for you and the authors involved. Gay Romance Reviews primarily offers books with gay characters, but they are beginning to branch out into sapphic books as well.

Other Worlds Ink:

Other Worlds Ink provide publicity services, mainly to romance and speculative fiction authors. They offer book tours, formatting, promotional opportunities and more. Together they also run Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink. If you are a reviewer you can join their list of bloggers and help promote indie books.

MTMC Tours:

Straight from their about us page:

“MTMC Tours is an International Bookstagram & Book Blog tour company run by Melissa (from @thereaderandthechef) & C.G. Drews (from @paperfury).

MTMC Tours stands for Meet the Main Characters and our goal is to help authors & publishers promote their upcoming titles with the help of talented/creative bookstagrammers and book bloggers from all over the world. Since MTMC Tours is a company by INTL bookstagrammers/bloggers, we hope to bring opportunities to everyone in the book community in a fun manner!”

Pride Book Tours:

From their About Us page: “Pride Book Tours is a new and emerging bookstagram tour service which intends to promote LGBTQ+ books through bookstagram. Here at Pride Book Tours I want to bring books by and starring LGBTQ+ people to the forefront of popular literature and give them the exposure they deserve. I’d love to work with publishers and indie authors to promote your upcoming LGBTQ+ books, and with bookstagrammers to spread the word about them, so do get in touch!”

Follow Indie authors and follow them!

Indie authors are an amazing community of people and they all support each other. This means, if you follow an indie author that you have read a book and enjoyed or the premises of their books and follow them, you will inevitably see that author talking about, reposting, and shouting out other indie authors! This is a good way to see other indie authors out there and what their writing, where they are writing it.

This is probably one of the best things I did for finding indie books. First of all, indie authors are often incredibly nice and incredibly grateful for people being interested in their work. They are often posting about their work, their friends work, and other indie authors out there. I have found so many amazing books and authors just by following on indie author and inevitably being exposed to more to follow.

For reviewers, indie authors also have ARC teams, or provide ARCs to reviewers, librarians, teachers, etc., through their social media. So, following them and keeping up to date on their books and what they’re doing is a good way to find titles you are interested in and may want to support!

I’m going to be posting multiple posts with authors for you to check out and follow.

Find and Follow Indie Publishers

There are a lot of amazing indie publishers out there and some of the best ways to find indie books is to find and follow indie publishers. A simple google of indie publishers can give a lot of great results. Also looking through social media tags like #indiebooks can be a huge help in finding books people are talking about and from their find out who publishes them. Here is just a small sampling of small publishers you can check out!

Hansen House:

Robot Dinosaur Press:

Bella Books:

The Kraken Collective:

Ylva Publishing:

Queen of Swords:

Tiny Ghost Press:

Changeling Press:

Bright Star Publishing:

Gurt Dog Press:

Bold Strokes Books:

NineStar Press:

Interlude Press:

If you have a NetGalley account follow indie publishers on NetGalley and request their books!

If you are a reviewer NetGalley is a great place to find some indie publishers and support their books and authors! There are a lot of publishers offering advanced copies on NetGalley so take some time so search through the publishers tab, check out their pages, and like them if they have something you’re interested in!

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