Incredible Indies – Authors to Follow (LGBTQ+) #1

Hello friends,

In today’s installment of Incredible Indies I am going to give you some authors to check out and follow. I asked on Twitter if any indie authors wanted to be given a shout out in this series and so many people reached out! So, here is the first installment of authors to check out.

Diane Billas

I write YA LGBTQ Contemporary Romance. My debut, Does Love Always Win? releases June 20, 2023, available for pre-order April 2023.

Diane Billas lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband. When she’s not writing she can be found reading multiple books at once, performing the French horn or piano, or dreaming of the next country she’s going to visit. Does Love Always Win? is her debut novel which is drawn from Diane’s personal experiences as a queer individual who has struggled throughout life being comfortable identifying and expressing herself. Diane wrote the book she wished was available to her when she was in high school.

Diane can be found at, on Twitter at @dianebillas , on Instagram at @dianebillaswrites, on TikTok at @dianebillas , or at her Facebook author page @dianebillas.

Does Love Always Win? can be found on goodreads here.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (she/they) is a queer poet from a small town in Pennsylvania. Their chapbook GIRL, a x2 time amazon best seller in lgbt+ poetry, was published with Querencia Press. She’s also written the pocket book Wild Honey, and has had many of her poems featured with magazines such as Queerlings, Honeyfire Lit, Warning Lines, The Sapphic Press, Free Verse Revolution, and many more. When they’re not not writing, they can be found running their small business Green Fern Coven. (Or spending lots of time with her eight cats.) Instagram: @by.robinw

Vaella Denarr and Micah Iannandrea

Vaela (She/They) and Micah (They/Them) are a pair of queer authors whose works center queerness and queer culture in all the beautiful ways they experience them. The genres and subjects of their books vary greatly, from paranormal action and horror over soft, cozy romances, but always revolve around all-queer casts, a variety of queer identities, and subjects of family and love, familial, romantic, physical, or platonic. They have a weakness for sapphic themes, buff women over 6ft tall, (or buff women in general,) and various kinds and expressions of found family and polyamory. Vaela and Micah have currently two books in their catalogue: The Gift of Blood, a horror-adjacent paranormal action novel about a kickboxing lesbian turned vampire, a quest for vengeance, found family, hurt and healing, and a slow burn romance; And Moonlight Love and Witchcraft, the prequel to TGoB focusing on the polyamorous love story of the nonbinary vampire Logan, the ace werewolf Kay, and the bisexual witch Nemo.

Their current project, the Stars, Hearts and Dreams Series, focuses on polyamorous, sapphic dragons and will feature a trans lead, Nomi, a young druid on a journey to find herself.

Rita A. Rubin

I’m Rita A. Rubin, an Australian born author who is living my best introvert life. When not writing, I’ve can be found with my nose in a book, or PS4 console in my hands or making up ridiculous ballads to sing to my pets. Right now, I’m writing a queer, fantasy series called Chronicles of the Guardians. The first book, Amulet of Wishes is out now and book two, Lady Night will be out on November 1. I can be found on Twitter and Instagram @ritarubin9

Suzanne Clay

Suzanne Clay (she/they) is an asexual enby with a great love for writing erotic romance, and enjoys spending their time confusing people with that fact. She lives with her wife and two cats, and, when not writing, Suzanne enjoys reading, playing video games, and refusing to interact outdoors with other human beings. Suzanne prefers to write high-heat slice-of-life queer romances with low stakes, often choosing not to include a third-act breakup in her narratives. They depict a wide gamut of pairings, including ethically nonmonogamous ones. She mostly writes contemporary romance of various lengths with a side of monster romance and soft fantasy as well. Ultimately, their goal is to create a gentle place for readers to land, especially if they’re looking for books that feel more like the comfort of a favorite fanfiction as opposed to a stressful, intense conflict.

Twitter: @suzanneclay_

Airic Fenn

Airic Fenn is a child of the Rocky Mountains and spends more time in their own vivid imaginings than perhaps is proper (but who really cares about what’s proper?). Currently they write mostly fantasy, as well as dabbling in horror here and there. Their debut book is The Dreamer and the Marked, available to read now.

My main socials are @airic_fenn (insta and twitter), @airicfenn (tiktok)

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