Incredible Indies – Paranormal Books I’ve Loved

Hello friends,

Today I am back with some paranormal books for you all! These are all indie books, of course, and they are all paranormal in some fashion. Some are paranormal romances and some just have paranormal elements. So here are eight paranormal indies!

Moonlight Love and Witchcraft by Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannandrea

Why You Should Read It:

  • W/NB + W/W + W/NB Romance
  • Polyamory Representation
  • A Vampire, a Witch, and a Werewolf Walk Into A Bar
  • Magic
  • Found Family
  • Pining
  • Asexual Representation
  • Low stakes
  • There’s a kitten
  • Slow Burn

Fangscreen by Ellen Mint

Why You Should Read It:

  • M/M Romance
  • A Vampire Exiled on a Tropical Island
  • Abusive Ex
  • Vampire Zoom Support Group
  • Throwing Parties
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Finally Enjoying Life
  • HEA

Sanctuary by Andi C. Buchanan

Why You Should Read It:

  • Neurodiverse Representation
  • Queer and Non-Binary Representation
  • Found Family
  • Ghosts
  • Mystery
  • Mystery Ghosts A Ruin Our Lives

Uncommon Charm by Emily Bergslien and Kat Weaver

Why You Should Read It:

  • 1920s Gothic Comedy
  • Magic
  • Lesbian Character
  • Gay Character
  • The Gay Cousins Unite
  • Family Secrets
  • Ghosts
  • Novella

The Quid Pro Quo by A.L. Lester

Why You Should Read It:

  • M/M Romance
  • Murder Mystery
  • Trans Character
  • Detective Character
  • Historical Setting
  • Paranormal Secrets and Monsters
  • Novella

The Vampire’s Pirate by Liv Rancourt

Why You Should Read It:

  • M/M Romance
  • Would-Be Vampire Queens
  • Historical Setting
  • House Party Goes Bad
  • Unlikely Allies
  • Magic

Against The Grain: A Human’s Guide to Wooing an Asexual Incubi by Nikole Knight

Why You Should Read It:

  • MM Romance
  • They Met In Support Group
  • Found Family
  • Magical Misfits
  • Art
  • Gender Dysphoria and Gender Discussions
  • Previous Child Abuse, Emotional Abuse
  • Working Through Trauma
  • Fighting For Each Other

If A Butterfly Don’t Fly by Mell Eight

Why You Should Read It:

  • M/M Romance
  • They’re In A Band
  • Sign Language
  • Faeries and Magic
  • Found Family
  • Learning About Your Heritage
  • Family Secrets

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