Incredible Indies – Authors to Follow #6

Hello friends,

It’s time for the sixth installment of authors to follow! I hope you can read through the bios and find some books and authors you want to check out and follow!

Samyra Alexander

Samyra Alexander was born and raised in Gary, IN. After receiving a D in 4th grade Art, she was told she lacked creativity, but the yearning to express herself never faded. She turned to words, finding a creative spark that resulted in writing contemporary and psychological fiction. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and explores mental health issues and their accompanying taboos within the context of creative fiction. Follow her on Facebook at Samyra Alexander Author Page and YouTube and Instagram using her handle @TellSamyra

Matt McGuirk

Matt McGuirk teaches and lives with his family in New Hampshire. BOTN 2021 nominee and regular contributor for Fevers of the Mind with words in online and print lit mags and his debut collection with Alien Buddha Press called Daydreams, Obsessions, Realities is on Amazon. I write poetry and fiction with a hybrid collection out with Alien Buddha Press and a 2nd collection accepted for publication with Anxiety Press and due out later this year

Instagram: @mcguirk_matthew

Lissa Gromley

My name is Lissa Gromley and I come from a small town where I live with several pets; mostly cats, two dogs, and a bunny. I write mostly YA fantasy, but delve into Sci-Fi, Romance, Children’s, and Erotic just to name a few genres.

Christopher M Link

Well, I am going to be 49 this September. I live in Jacksonville FL. I am originally from Kokomo, Indiana. By trade, I am a Hardwood Floor Technician/sanding and finishing/installing hardwood floors, for a day job. I have been writing since 2016. Creative writing is my main passion. Other interests include, Musicianship and playing music with others as a drummer. Also, future training to become a Spiritual Life Coach. Coming out of the Illusion: Realizing the real you – This is my first book. It is based on Spirituality and it is meant to inspire and empower people in multiple ways. Emotionally, Physically, Spirituality and Mentally. After I talk about the chapters in the book, for each one I have a question part where I tell people where to get the best information that I have found. In the form of audios, videos, movies, books, websites and people in that particular field.

Stephanie Parent

Stephanie Parent is a lifetime lover of words and an author of fairy tales, ghost stories and more. Her debut horror novel The Briars is forthcoming in May 2023 from Cemetery Gates Media, and her debut poetry collection, Every Poem a Potion, Every Song a Spell, was released in August 2022 by Querencia Press. Stephanie’s feminist, fairy-tale inspired poetry combines the horror and the happily-ever-after of traditional fairy tales with a modern perspective. Both personal and universal, these poems are inspired by familiar and forgotten tales.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter at @SC_Parent and Instagram at @SCParent for updates on her writing.

AL James

I’m a new indie author who self published their first book, Black Box, one month ago. Its about a UK election where an algorithm decides your vote for you, and it studies the effect of this new technology on a wide range of characters. It’s written in a unique style as if it’s a historical account but the narrator perhaps isn’t as trustworthy as you initially think.

insta, I’m Aljames_books

If you like what I do and want to support the blog consider dropping me a tip on my Ko-Fi

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