My Favourite LGBTQ+ Characters (So Far) – Pride Month

Hello friends,

It’s pride month and that means that I am excited about all things queer, even though that’s pretty much everyday of my life. This is going to a bit of an appreciation post for LGBTQ+ characters. This post is simply just to tell you all about the LGBTQ+ characters that I adore and maybe you might adore too!

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Reading Fatigue – It’s Okay to Take Break

Hello friends,

I will be honest with all of you. April was not a good reading month for me. I started two books and didn’t finish either of them. I have a goal to read at least 2 books a month, which so far I had been able to keep up with, but last month I was a bit burnt out. Somehow, even recreational reading can feel competitive and cause reader fatigue, something that I’d like to dive into a bit more in this post.

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