Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing Services

I have a passion for indie books and authors, spending my time highlighting them on my blog, Twitter and Instagram account. I love reviewing indie books with diverse characters and wants to continue supporting and promoting indie authors.

I have had an interest in social media marketing for a number of years and focused on it in a Publishing Certificate program, as well as taking a Small Business Marketing course. I have discovered a love of content creation and supporting authors by making easy-to-use marketing materials.

What I Offer:

– Canva Marketing Templates
– Marketing Adverts for upcoming and backlist titles
– Fun/Novelty Posts
– Flexible Pricing
– Individual Projects or Long Term Projects

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  • Social Media Posts: $20-40/hr
  • Individual Projects: by request

For more information please email me with details

The Process

1. Send me an email with information about yourself, what you do, and what kind of social media materials you’re looking for

2. I will email you back with more questions and information

3. We will discuss the project, payment, and trial posts

Example Content