Books To Educate Yourself – Fiction || Black Authors

Hello friends,

I’m sure you are all aware of the things going on in the U.S. and Canada in terms of anti-racism, black rights, police brutality, etc. So, today I decided to create a list of books to help you educate yourself. I have not read all of these, as we all have to do better and be better. So here are some fiction books by black authors. This is by no means a conclusive list! These are just some that are high up on my list of books I need to read. I encourage you all to have a look and continue to read from these amazing authors.

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I Forgot About These Books! || Goodreads Want to Read Shelf

Hello friends,

I currently have a total of 287 books on my Goodreads Want To Read shelf. This post is a call out for myself about all the books I forgot about. Over the last two years I have been working to rediscover reading and my reading taste. For awhile there I was watching and reading recommendation lists and videos and would add anything that looks slightly interesting to my want to read shelf.

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Horror Haunts: General (Light) Horror to Read

Hello friends,
I am back with another horror haunts installment. This is for all you readers out there who don’t really like the gory, scary, keep you up at night kind of horror. Sometimes you just want something a little weird and creepy, rather than something truly terrifying. Here are a few books that I want to read that don’t seem very scary.

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