Lesson 16 & 17 – #23Lessons

Hello friends,

Toady’s lesson is really just a reminder. It’s a reminder to just accept what life throws at you and take care of yourself.

It’s okay to have bad days

We all have bad days, whether you have some mental health concerns, physical health concerns, or just general life stress concerns, everyone has bad days. It can be really hard and stressful to want to have every day be a good day. It puts pressure on yourself to stay positive all the time. So, this is your reminder that it is okay to have bad days. There is no reason to try to force yourself into a good mood if you aren’t feeling it. Of course, I’m not saying to wallow in the sadness and make it worse, but I am saying that if you are having a bad day don’t stress about getting out of that mood.

Sometimes we just have to experience the feelings and the bad days and then wake up tomorrow with a fresh start.

Sometimes you just need to eat some cake (or other dessert product you love)

This goes well with just accepting the bad days. Sometimes, when things go wrong or life just feels like too much you just have to eat some cake. Just do that thing that makes you feel good. It doesn’t even have to make you feel better, but just do something that gives you a little bit of joy.

Do you love chocolate? Have a piece. What about baking cookies? Take a break and stick some in the oven. Ice cream? Make a sundae. Just find some way to treat yourself in the midst of all the stress and chaos of the world.


Lesson 9 & 10 – #23lessons

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a good day. There are moments in life when I think most people think to themselves “I’m so weird. Why can’t I be normal?” or when people have others say “You’re so weird.” In these moments I wonder to myself what normal really is. Well, today’s lesson discusses that.

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Lesson 13 – #23Lessons

Hello friends, 

This lesson is one that comes in handy when things aren’t going well. 

Take a walk in nature when you’re feeling lost

There are times in life when things get overwhelming, whether its work and obligations or just feeling lost about what to do with your life. I can personally attest to this one, and I’m sure most people can. When I’m feeling lost for any number of reasons nature is always something that helps clear my mind and find the answers to the questions I’m looking for.

There has been a lot of talk about nature and how it effects humans. Most of the discussion talks about how it is beneficial and I would agree with these thoughts. For me personally, nature is a safe space to think and breathe and just be without worrying about life. 

When you’re feeling lost sometimes just being in nature is a great escape. Even if it’s just walking your dog or taking a five minute walk around the block. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air to clear your head.


Lesson 6 – #23lessons

This one is a little bit of a different one I suppose. It’s really just a reminder to myself that sometimes, regardless of what is happening or how I feel, there is always something else. For me books are a safe haven, an escape from the world. When things are stressful, complicated, overwhelming books are there for me as a way to cope with the weight of the world.

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Lesson 1 – #23lessons

If you have been following my Instagram you would have seen that in March I posted 23 things I learned in 23 years. They were life lessons or reminders for myself of some of the things I had learned. This series that I am starting will be exploring these lessons. I will explore, expand on, and discuss what the single line lessons mean to me, how I use them in my life, and how I came to learn them.

So today I will be discussing lesson 1 of the 23 things I’ve learned.

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