Reading Fatigue – It’s Okay to Take Break

Hello friends,

I will be honest with all of you. April was not a good reading month for me. I started two books and didn’t finish either of them. I have a goal to read at least 2 books a month, which so far I had been able to keep up with, but last month I was a bit burnt out. Somehow, even recreational reading can feel competitive and cause reader fatigue, something that I’d like to dive into a bit more in this post.

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Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 – Book Review

Well I did it, to be honest I did it a while ago but haven’t gotten around to writing a review until now. What did I do you ask? Well, I read some Deadpool comics! If the title of this post didn’t alert you to that fact, now you know! I was incredibly excited to pick up a collection of Deadpool comics and work my way through it. It honestly took me about 3 days to finish the whole thing, which was about 400 pages, but I am not complaining.

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Books by my DNA – Round 2: Ireland – Book Review

There is a word in the German language that describes feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been. That word is Fernweh. This is how I have felt about Ireland for a long time. Wanderlust, the desire to travel, also describes how I feel. I have had a deep fascination with the folklore, myth, and landscape of Ireland for so long that I was very excited about the second round of this literary journey.

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Mid-Year Check In – June 2018

I can’t believe it’s already July! How did that happen? It felt like just yesterday it was freezing and snowy here, but instead we’re getting summer heat above 30 degrees (celsius). I also can’t believe that so far, this half year has been my best freading year in probably 5 years. Maybe more. The year has been going by so quickly and it will probably continue to go by really quickly. I’m not prepared!

In all the rush of the year going by I have been doing my best to read what I can, and what is interesting me. I thought it would be fun to do a little check in with how the first half of the year has gone. I will go over what my reading goals were and how they are going, my favourite reads so far, miscellaneous things I’ve been loving, and my reading goals going forward.

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What I Learned from (Almost) 30 Days of Bookstagram Posts

In the month of May I challenged myself to participate in a bookstagram challenge. If you don’t know what bookstagram is let me explain. Bookstagram is a part of Instagram that is solely based around books, bookish things, and the people who love books. It is a place where people post beautiful pictures of books, talk about new books they got, their reviews of books they’ve read, and all the bookish things that book lovers adore. So, as a book lover, I thought “hey, why not give this bookstagram challenge thing a try.” Every month many different bookstagramers post challenges in which each day is a different prompt for a picture. A prompt may be something like, books with female protagonists, fairytales, or simple red books. So, the prompt can vary greatly.

I found a challenge that looked like I would be able to do called #maybookstagram18 hosted by @erinsummerill, @book_junkee, and @reverieandink. I participated in almost every day of the challenge and it was a very interesting experience. Here is what I learned.

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