My Favourite LGBTQ+ Characters (So Far) – Pride Month

Hello friends,

It’s pride month and that means that I am excited about all things queer, even though that’s pretty much everyday of my life. This is going to a bit of an appreciation post for LGBTQ+ characters. This post is simply just to tell you all about the LGBTQ+ characters that I adore and maybe you might adore too!


Todd Chavez (Bojack Horseman) – Asexual

I will be honest here. The main reason I love Todd is because he is just the clumsiest dude and he is adorable. On top of that how often do you see asexual characters in media? It isn’t very often and I was surprised when he came out, but I love that it’s just completely accepted and he is who he is.

Aubrey Little (The Adventure Zone: Amnesty) – Bisexual

Alright, this has to be a shameless plug for my current favourite thing across all forms of media and that is The Adventure Zone. If you know me well you would know that it’s kind of an obsession right now. Amnesty is the current campaign they are playing, oh right this is a tabletop roleplay game playthrough podcast. Aubrey Little is a magician. She is a black bisexual woman, who finds out that she has the power to control fire. Like real magic. She also has a rabbit named Doctor Harris Bonkers P.H.D. Without spoiling things all I can tell you is that this is the best show and she is an adorable badass.


Taako From TV (The Adventure Zone: Balance) – Gay

A magical, gay, stylish, badass, hilarious, elven, chef wizard? What more could you ask for? I mean really? Again, this is a very shameless plug for my favourite thing. Taako is from their first campaign, that has now become a graphic novel, and he is amazing. I don’t want to spoil anything, but basically he is a wizard, an elf, and has an amazing fashion sense. Also, he is hilarious.

Lup (The Adventure Zone: Balance) – Trans

Lup is also from the first campaign, I don’t want to spoil anything, so I can’t say much about her. But, she is trans, she’s a badass, she has magic. I mean, what else do you need to know anyway?


Molly, Mal, Jo (Lumberjanes) – likes girls, Trans

Alright, this is a bit of a catch-all. The Lumberjanes comics are filled with all kinds of gender identities, expressions, and sexualities. Molly, Mal, and Jo are definitely a few of my favourite characters in the series, but there are a bunch of diverse characters. They are funny, kind, smart, and curious. I just love them.

Ian Gallagher (Shameless US) – Gay

Shameless is a show that I watch on and off. I am definitely not caught up, but Ian is one of my favourite characters. He is the third oldest Gallagher sibling. He is gay and has some mental health concerns. He’s a definite personality, but I still love him and his story line.


Wade Wilson (Deadpool Comics) – Pansexual

Ah, infamous Wade Wilson, or Deadpool. There is a lot of… discussion about this one, but some of his creators and writers have said that he is what he is and he likes what he likes, which is pretty much anyone. I have to be honest in saying that he is one of my favourite Marvel characters. He is ruthless, a little bit crazy, hilarious, and also very very not straight.

Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who) – Bisexual

Alright, Doctor Who, one of my favourite shows. Captain Jack Harkness is my favourite. A little flamboyant, pretty badass, very funny, and very queer. I mean he immediately hits on The Doctor when they first meet. I love him. He is probably my favourite Doctor Who companion.

Bill Potts (Doctor Who) – Lesbian

Last, but certantly not least. Bill Potts. The fashionable, incredibly cool, and incredibly gay companion to The Doctor. I loved her. I honestly wish she had been around longer, but she was a lot of fun while she was his companion.

Happy Pride!

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