Characters to Go on a Date With || Six For Sunday

Hello friends,

It’s another #SixforSunday from A Little But A Lot. Today is all about characters we’d like to go on a date with. This one will probably be tough for me cause I don’t often crush on characters, but here we go.

1. Magnus Burnsides (The Adventure Zone)

I mean who wouldn’t want to go on a date with the big, burly, softest boy on the team? He’s so sweet and caring but will also protect anyone he cares about.

2. Thom (Havemercy)

Thom is a scholar and a softy. He is sweet and kind and incredibly observant. I would absolutely love to pick his brain about all sorts of topics.

3. Victoria Stewart (Into The Drowning Deep)

I mean, super smart scientist lady? How could I say no? I would love to get to spend a day with her.

4. Menna (The Perfect Assassin)

Menna is a badass assassin who can do magic. She is fiery and smart and would be so much fun to go on a date with.

5. Diana (Wonder Woman)

It’s Wonder Woman, need I say more?

What fictional characters would you want to go on a date with?

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One thought on “Characters to Go on a Date With || Six For Sunday

  1. kylieandrade

    Hmm…good question. What I have so far, is the character from my most recent read Nina Hill, whose much like me: quiet, reserved, works in a bookstore, introverted and has a cat. We’d talk about how much we love reading, I’d learn some trivia facts from her and relate on how much we love our cats.


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