Incredible Indies – Authors to Follow (LGBTQ+) #2

Hello friends,

I am back with round 2 of authors to check out! Hopefully these will be helpful for you all to find authors and books that seem interesting to you. I am really passionate about getting indie authors the right readers, so here are six more authors for you to check out!

Lannie Stabile

Lannie Stabile (she/her), a queer Detroiter, is the winner of OutWrite’s 2020 Chapbook Competition in Poetry and a back-to-back semifinalist for the Button Poetry Chapbook Contest. Lannie was also named a 2020 Best of the Net finalist. Her debut poetry full-length, Good Morning to Everyone Except Men Who Name Their Dogs Zeus, was published in 2021 by Cephalopress. Her fiction debut, Something Dead in Everything, is out now with ELJ Editions

I write poetry and short fiction/flash fiction. I can be found on Twitter (at LannieStabile) and TikTok ( at lannie.stabile).

Freydís Moon

Freydís Moon is a bestselling biracial author, tarot reader, and poet. When they aren’t writing or divining, Freydís is usually trying their hand at a recommended recipe, practicing a new language, or browsing their local bookstore. They’ve been published in many markets, including Strange Horizons and The Deadlands. You can find their debut EXODUS 20:3 wherever books are sold.

Halli Starling

Hali Starling is a queer author who spent over a decade working in public libraries in the US. She did everything from running reference desks to designing programs for children’s literacy, and ran book fairs and author events. She now works in another part of the book industry.

Halli is a multi-genre author, focusing on her love of paranormal monsters and slow burn romance. In 2021, she published WILDERWOOD and TWELFTH MOON, both of which have sequels planned for 2023. In 2022, she published ASK ME FOR FIRE and is working on the forthcoming Kindle Vella series, “Dissident”. When not writing, she stays busy with one spouse, four cats, making her way through an endless TBR pile, and a variety of side projects like the HEX podcast.

Marianne Ratcliffe

I grew up in Lincolnshire and have a degree and PhD in Biochemistry. Writing fiction in my spare time, I have had short stories published in literary magazines and was runner up in the Guildford Book Festival short story competition in 2010. I In 2017, redundancy spurred me to focus on creative writing, resulting in The Secret of Matterdale Hall, a sapphic romance/mystery set in the Victorian era, published by Bellows Press, a new UK based independent publisher with a mission to promote under-represented writers. It is due out 15th November this year. You can find more details (e.g cover and blurb) on my website.

Margherita Scialla

My name’s Margherita Scialla and I’m a gen-z queer (pansexual and non-binary) author from Italy. I write queer contemporary romance and fantasy. I currently have 2 books already out and another one in the beta reading stage. My published books are “What the stars didn’t show us” (ya contemporary romance about two socially awkward teenagers finding love for the first time) and “Song of phoenix and ink” (new adult fantasy about an author accidentally entering the book she wrote).

My next book is called “Tears in the water” and it’s an upper ya/ new adult contemporary about a swimmer going through a gender crisis and finding love as she is trying to become a professional athlete. I hope to publish this by the end of the year/start of 2023

Cara N. Delaney

Cara lives in a hole in the ground, where she spends her days building whole worlds with nothing but words on the page and a lively imagination. She may be summoned with a potion brewed from magic beans, but there is no telling what will happen if you do. Once in a blue moon, you might catch her out and about on a walk through the local vineyards, soaking up the sun and taking pictures of trees. Cara writes fantasy and science-fiction, sometimes at the same time, and often with a romantic element. Her books feature prominent sapphic couples and diverse queer casts, out and about saving many different worlds.

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