Incredible Indies – Authors to Follow #9

Hello friends,

I am back with the final installment of authors to follow! I hope that you have been able to find some authors and books you’re interested in and that you want to follow!

C.J. Goodin

I am a science fiction horror writer raised in the heart of New England and now live in South Florida. I am a Vocal+ Fiction Awards nominee, and now I am getting ready to self-publish my cosmic horror short story anthology Granite Shores. While querying a science-fiction manuscript.

Nicholas Borelli

Author of de’Conti Series of Novels and Creator of The de’Conti Film Franchise – Ten Feature Films with Completed Screenplays Eight Novels adapted to Ten Screenplays:
1. The Covenant (Short Film Introduction to the de’Conti Series) (Screenplay Complete)
2. FATA! The Act of the Avengeance (Part One) (Screenplay Complete)
3. FATA! The Act of the Avengeance (Part Two) (Screenplay Complete)
4. Let No Man Be My Albatross (Screenplay Complete)
5. A Convoluted Defense (Screenplay Complete)
6. The Machiavelli Imperative (Screenplay Complete)
7. At Last Reconciled (Screenplay Complete)
8. IRAN (Screenplay Complete)
9. A Special Prosecution (Part One) (Screenplay Complete)
10. A Special Prosecution (Part Two) (Screenplay Complete)
11. Dahij (Screenplay Complete)

Shiksha Dheda

Shiksha Dheda is a South African of Indian descent. She uses writing to express her OCD and depression roller-coaster ventures, but mostly to avoid working on her master’s degree. Sometimes, she dabbles in photography, painting, and baking lopsided layered cakes. Her writing has been featured (on/forthcoming) in Wigleaf, Passages North, Brittle Paper, Door is a jar and Epoch Press amongst others. She is the Pushcart nominated author of Washed Away (Alien Buddha Press, 2021)

She rambles annoyingly at Twitter: @ShikshaWrites .

You can find (or ignore her) at

Kaylee Cross

My name is Kaylee, I’m 19 years old and from the Netherlands. I’ve written all my life, but since Covid I really dove into a book series and got to writing and publishing my work. I write fantasy with some romance at the moment, but I have numerous series and standalones planned out that also rely more on romance, sci-fi is coming and historical romance/adventure.

As for my socials, I can be found on IG, twitter and TikTok under the handle of “kayleecrossauthor”

Helyna Clove

I’m an astronomer and indie author from Hungary, currently living in France, and writing in English. I write adult and new adult SFF. My debut space opera, Skylark in the Fog is getting published by Story Well Publishing in the autumn! I’m currently editing a second-world fantasy about dangerous magic, love, and gods, and drafting a spooky paranormal fantasy. I’m mostly active on my twitter, @HelynaLC , sometimes instagram and tiktok, and you can find all my socials on

Tim Peers

I’m Tim Peers, I write as T.R. Peers because when you write fantasy and you have an ‘R’ as an initial you damn well use it. I’m based in Norfolk, in the UK, and I mostly write the ongoing Thelenic Curriculum series, which is a sci-fi/ fantasy collision which currently runs to 4 books. My current WIP though is a side-project comedy fantasy called “The Zero of Destiny”. I mostly just use Twitter as far as socials go, but my author website is and I’m on Goodreads at

Michelle Murray

Michelle is a working married mom with two young adult children. When not writing she enjoys going for walks and crafting. Find her book series at

If you like what I do and want to support the blog consider dropping me a tip on my Ko-Fi


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